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Get Your Pumpkin On!!! 


Richly scented to satisfy your autumn pumpkin cravings, these bars will lather you up and get you out the door humming a happy tune :)

Place in your downstairs bathroom and catch a whiff of the season every time you walk in the front door!


5.5 - 6 oz hand cut slices of heaven


Allow soap bars to dry between each use. They'll last even longer!  Check out our eco-friendly exfoliating soap savers to elevate your cleansing experience ;)



Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Goat’s Milk, Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Oleate, Oat Protein, Titanium Dioxide Fragrance Oil

Pumpkin Chai Latte

SKU: 2018100
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